Twelve Brick Studios

A fully-featured recording and mixing/mastering studio nestled in the heart of small-town VA, Twelve Brick Studios is the perfect place for all phases of a project - from inspiration to completion. 

The studio is equipped for a diverse range of needs, including 4K video recording and up to 192 khz audio sampling rate. 


Primary Instruments

  • Keyboards:
    • Nord Stage 2 HA88 EX
    • DSI Prophet 08 SE
    • Nektar Panorama P6
  • SP Drum Kit with Evans heads and Paiste Dark Masters Hi-Hats and Paiste Prototype Ride Cymbal
  • Guitars:
    • Custom Edges Woodworking Telecaster with Rosewood and Maple Compound Radius Neck and 4-way Selector Switch Mod
    • Fender American Stratocaster
    • Breedlove Atlas Series Acoustic Guitar
    • Electric P-Bass Guitar
  • DV Mark Micro50 Amplifier
  • Spacestation V3 Powered Stereo Monitor

Recording Equipment

  • Focusrite Clarett 8PreX
  • 2 Neumann KH120s
  • Hear Technologies Hearback system with 6 personal mixers
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50x
  • Sony Panasonic G85 with 12-60mm lens and 25mm prime lens
  • Magnus Tripod
  • Neewer Lighting Kit - 3 stands, 3 lights

Mic Locker

  • AKG C314
  • 2 AKG P170s
  • Shure Beta 87a
  • 4 SM57s
  • 2 SM58s
  • Beta 52a
darkened keys.png