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Twelve Brick Studios

A fully-featured recording and mixing/mastering studio nestled in the heart of small-town VA, Twelve Brick Studios is the perfect place for all phases of a project - from inspiration to completion. 

The studio is equipped for a diverse range of needs, including 4K video recording with green screen, 16-channel simultaneous audio recording, and headphone system. 


Clients include the Rural Health Voice Podcast, which is edited and mastered at Twelve Brick Studios, former candidate for congress Justin Santopietro, and videographer Matthew Pickett.


Primary Instruments

  • Keyboards:

    • Nord Stage 2 HA88 EX

    • DSI Prophet 08 SE

    • Nektar Panorama P6

  • Pearl Forum Drum Kit with Evans heads and Paiste Dark Masters Hi-Hats and Paiste Prototype Ride Cymbal

  • Guitars:

    • Custom Edges Woodworking Telecaster with Rosewood and Maple Compound Radius Neck and 4-way Selector Switch Mod

    • Breedlove Atlas Series Acoustic Guitar

    • Electric P-Bass Guitar

  • DV Mark Micro50 Amplifier

  • Spacestation V3 Powered Stereo Monitor


Recording Equipment

  • Focusrite Clarett 8PreX

  • 2 Neumann KH120s

  • Hear Technologies Hearback system with 6 personal mixers

  • Audio Technica ATH-M50x

  • Sony Panasonic G85 with 12-60mm lens and 25mm prime lens

  • Neewer Lighting Kit - 3 stands, 3 lights


Mic Locker

  • AKG C314

  • 4 AKG P170s

  • Shure Beta 87a

  • 4 SM57s

  • 2 SM58s

  • Beta 52a