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Point of Origin

Drifter began as a thrown-together group dubbed "Point of Origin" back in April of 2016. Bassist Zac Nelson, Guitarist and Vocalist Adam Williams, and Drummer Jackson Shockley had already been playing together for a year in a group named Lundy. When the opportunity to play at Virginia Tech's Relay for Life came up, keyboardist and vocalist Luke Williams and guitarist and vocalist Joey Ballard joined in to play for the gig. They realized they needed a name, and quickly threw together the band name "Point of Origin" for the gig.

"Point of Origin" turned out to be an apt title. The music reflected a unique blend of their disparate influences - classic rock, funk, praise and worship, blues, pop - and led to more gigs together. Soon Drifter was formed, and ever since they've been out playing gigs, and in the studio, writing and recording songs for their debut album (expected completion date 2019.) 


 Drifter EP

Two more tunes - Off My Mind and Faking Content - soon to come!

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